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What does it take to achieve your objectives on the Web?

The long answer: The right mix of strategic thinking, creative talent, and technical expertise. Disciplined teams that work within budget and deliver on time. Interactive solutions with substance and style—solutions that foster and sustain customer interest, and achieve your business goal.

The short answer? The WebForge.

At the WebForge, we de-mystify the Web for our clients. No smoke and mirrors—just inspired, effective tools to grow your business. We offer a complete range of services that include strategic consulting, creative services, online production (authoring, Web-mastering and programming), site hosting, and project management. Think of the WebForge as your off-site Web team.

The Team

We produce design that's audience-appropriate and performs well on multiple levels including corporate branding, navigation, and bandwidth. We use dynamic imagery to stimulate and engage viewers, enhance stories, highlight key messages, and illustrate editorial content. Bottom line: Our design supports the message, not the other way around.

We write copy that speaks to, not "at" the targeted reader, copy that excites and sustains reader interest. Always lively and engaging, our editorial content is crafted around your company's message, generating increased awareness of, and interest in, your products and services. We also provide full proofreading and copy editing services.

In short, we deliver. We've created Web based solutions using all the major technologies with both client-side and server-side functionality. We also develop database solutions. We've run Web servers on all major platforms. Our HTML production staff successfully translates the creative requirements of each project.

We run multiple servers, both Windows NT and Linux which are used to host both our own and our clients' content. They're also used to share information with our clients, and allow them to preview and approve projects.

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